Truth Be Told, ‘Here Lies Henry’ Is A Powerful Journey Of Life

Michael Moran’s Henry is ‘a little bit edgy’, and for good reason! For seventy minutes this talented actor dominates the stage weaving a tale of a man’s life wanton with expectations but left with serious misgivings of whatbecame of it. Here Lies Henry, remounted by Interrobang Theatre Project, is playwright Daniel MacIvor’s existentialist narrative in which you are never quite sure what is coming at you next, only that you are instantly engaged in Henry’s so called life.

Returning for this encore performance, which was part of Interrobang’s inaugural season in 2011, is director Jeffry Stanton and Mr. Moran, who will soon be leaving the Windy City for sunnier pastures. Both were college friends in Boston and seem to have an innate instinct for teach other’s strengths and weaknesses. The direction is tight, quick and relentless which is what Mr. MacIvor’s script calls for. Mr. Moran is in perfect harmony with this approach and is at all times in character. For a one-man show, this is a rarity.

Here Lies Henry is about truth, told through lies, or are they? That is the brilliance of this piece. The audience is used as a pseudo-purgatory for Henry to finally come to terms with the consequences of his choices. There is much regret yet there is much joy and Mr. Moran almost effortlessly weaves one emotion to another. If there is any criticism of the piece, it is that Mr. Moran is still a bit too young to fully actualize the emotional impact of some of the life experiences Henry has. What will be more fascinating is watching Mr. Moran perform this piece ten or fifteen years from now and see how the performance has grown.

For now, though, let’s enjoy Mr. Moran while we still have him and Here Lies Henry is a testament to the artistic camaraderie of two friends who love to make art happen, and with this piece, they have definitely accomplished that goal.

Here Lies Henry plays through Sunday, August 12th, @ Intuit – The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art,756 N. Milwaukee Ave.,Chicago. For tickets click here. For more information visit

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