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Contact: Michael J. Roberts/ [email protected]

“Research indicates that architecture, advertising, and theater have the greatest economic potential and ability to grow in Chicago. In 2013, 43.6 million visitors came to Chicago, spending nearly $12 billion.”  (Source; City of Chicago Cultural Affairs)

Overview: Showbiz Chicago is the premiere and most popular dedicated website that covers Chicago’s unique and varied performing arts community, including theater, concerts, film, cabaret, museums, art, children’s theatre, television, music and dance.

Showbiz Chicago is also the homepage for the popular national radio broadcast Showbiz Nation LIVE! with Michael Roberts broadcast on Universal Broadcasting and iTunes

Showbiz Chicago features coverage on Chicagoland’s vast philanthropic ventures including charity events (partner with BroadwayCares/Equity Fights Aids), business openings and LGBTQIA outreach.

In addition, has a separate restaurant section which focuses on, what most consider, the best food city in the country.  Add to that, Showbiz Chicago’s Founder Michael Roberts’ ratings grabbing appearance on the popular show Check,Please!, and you have a perfect opportunity to market your business to the vast marketplace.

Showbiz Chicago is also a partner site with, the largest LGBTQIA website conglomerate in the country;; Music Theater International Show-space; and Goldstar Tickets.

  • This media kit describes opportunities for advertisers to reach this unique, valuable audience.

Audience & Demographics

The Showbiz Chicago audience is educated, socially mobile with expendable incomes and crosses many generations.

Showbiz Chicago has seen traffic consistently and considerably increase since its launch in 2003 (Originally Visitors to Showbiz Chicago are highly targeted, and arrive mainly via browser bookmarks, targeted search engine queries, social media interactions, and highly relevant inbound links. In short, our website is uniquely positioned to offer an audience that is receptive to your advertising message.

Audience Metrics:

The following information describes the size and scale of Showbiz Chicago’s audience.

Monthly Uniques                 Monthly Page views                Page views Per Visit


Click-throughs via partner sites (



Here is a breakdown of the demographic audience.

55 +11%
High Schoolna
Some Collegena
Graduate School31%
Has Children
Browsing Location

The above traffic and demographic information was sourced via Google Analytics, Jetpack and Cision and averaged to the higher percentage.

Rates & Opportunities

Showbiz Chicago offers numerous advertising opportunities for advertisers to reach this valuable, targeted audience.

Standard Advertising Opportunities

Ad prices are listed as a monthly rate with a one year contract.

Ad UnitDimensionsPricingRate
Medium Rectangle300×250CPM$125m

Other Opportunities

In addition to standard website banner advertising,Showbiz Chicago also offers the following:

  • National Mentions on Showbiz Nation LIVE! with Michael Roberts airing on the Universal Broadcasting Network and available on iTunes.
  • Podcast Sponsorships
  • Video ad capabilities.  As Showbiz Nation LIVE! as well as our sites stream video content, we can place your pre-produced television ad or radio spot directly on our platform with no preproduction costs incurred to you.
  • Sponsored Featured Stories.

These additional opportunities allow you to reach our targeted audience through non-traditional media. Often, the audience is more engaged when watching video or when on a mobile device. Contact us for additional information on how you can take advantage of these unique opportunities.