Trifecta – Clean Home, Dazzling Beauty while Staying Relaxed

unnamedPreparing to hibernate for another Chicagoland winter warrants the safest, cleanest environment for a family. Fresh Tech Maids, Chicagoland’s leader in healthier, safer home cleaning services, has revolutionized the home cleaning and renewal process without the use of chemicals and toxins. Wells Ye, President of Fresh Tech Maids, understands the importance of non-toxic family cleaning services with no chemicals or fumes to pollute the interior air of a home, but also understands the trust and responsibility given to his company, a key element of his business that he takes very seriously.

Fully bonded and insured, Fresh Tech Maids hires only a specially trained, dedicated crew of professional technicians, not contractors, to give customers the ultimate peace of mind and the highest level of customer service. The Fresh Tech Maids hiring process is extremely selective – only 1% of applicants make the cut, a lower percentage than the Harvard college admissions process – ensuring the highest level of reliability, integrity, service and value for customers. The same maid will be sent for repeat cleanings, allowing an absolutely risk-free, consistent service for customers.

“At Fresh Tech Maids, we know that we are trusted with some of the most valuable things in our customers’ lives, both physical and health-related, and the trust given to us is something we will never compromise,” said Ye. “Our highly trained, professional technicians are equipped with cleaning products that not only leave your home sparkling, they protect your most important asset – the health of you and your family,”

With 97 percent customer satisfaction, Fresh Tech Maids was named the “Best Pick for Home Cleaning Services in Chicagoland” in EBSCO Research‘s 2013 “Best Pick Report.” It was also the first Illinois company to win the prestigious “Seal of Excellence” from the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International in 2011. Fresh Tech Maids was recently voted the best maid service and best house cleaning service in Chicago, Evanston, and Arlington Heights by “Best Pick Report.” Still, Fresh Tech Maids is constantly striving to raise the bar on the innovative services they provide to customers.

Founded in 2008, Fresh Tech Maids is Chicago’s only home cleaning service to offer an innovative, chemical free approach to home cleaning through a natural solution, deionized water, which acts as a powerful solvent that cleans and removes germs and dirt with impressive results.

“Traditional cleaning methods with chemical-based cleaners emit toxins when chemical reactions occur and leave visible and invisible residues that, over time, can be harmful to everyone,” Ye said. “We understand the critical importance of thriving in a clean, green home environment for all family members, from newborns to the elderly and every age in between, including our furry friends.”

With individualized “priority lists” of services, Fresh Tech Maids is able to customize cleaning needs in individual homes, whether for a one-time deep clean or a weekly touch-up. The company offers differing levels of services from regular, customizable quick cleans to more thorough home cleaning, yet includes a wide array of chemical-free cleaning with even basic itemized packages for the guarantee of a sparkling clean home. Customers can hire Fresh Tech Maids hourly to meet their differing cleaning needs at each visit. Deep clean a living room, dust a dining room, and sanitize a bathroom for a dinner party one week, then allow the company to deep clean the aftermath of the party in the kitchen and tidy up the kids’ bedroom the following week.

Ahead of the trend with technology, customers can book a cleaning, including price, date and time, in under 60 seconds online at Operating under the reliable philosophy of Fresh Tech Maids, homeowners can rest assured that their cleaning appointment will be timely, efficient, safe and effective, and the feeling of returning to a sparkling clean, yet chemical free home is a non-negotiable trait that makes customers consistently rave.

In addition to its dedication to quality chemical-free cleaning and outstanding customer service,Fresh Tech Maids is also committed to the community, participating in philanthropic causes including Cleaning for a Reason, offering professional house cleanings to help women undergoing cancer treatment, as well as Cleaning for Heroes, providing cleaning services for disabled and elderly veterans.


Based in Chicago and Arlington Heights, IL, Fresh Tech Maids was founded in November, 2008 by Wells Ye, a former product manager and Wharton MBA with an entrepreneurial itch. An industry leader in cleaner, healthier and safer chemical-free home cleaning, Fresh Tech Maidsoffers its services to Chicago and the Northwest Suburbs, taking pride in employing the most trustworthy, well trained technicians in the industry and providing outstanding customer service. For more information, visit, or call 847.392.0888.