Podcast with Black Ensemble Theater's JACKIE TAYLOR & RUEBEN ECHOLES

Podcast with Black Ensemble Theater’s JACKIE TAYLOR & RUEBEN ECHOLES

340.th.ft.fallprev.jackietaylorFounder of the groundbreaking Black Ensemble Theater, Jackie Taylor discusses the history of this Chicago jewell and her history in the entertainment industry. BET’s Artistic Director Rueben Echoles talks about the impact the theater company has had on himself and the community. For more information on BET visit www.BlackEnsembleTheater.org

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From Doo Wop to Hip Hop is the story of people who live in the highly affluent neighborhood of Unison Hills. This is an integrated neighborhood made up of people from the music industry. The older folks have all lived their dreams of stardom, and the younger folks are reaching for theirs. The Whites and Blacks who live in Unison Hills have a very special bond, until tragedy hits, a racial tragedy that tears their congenial neighborhood apart. Audiences will hear such great musical classics as The Great Pretender, 16 Candles, What’s Your Name, Our Day Will Come and Waterfalls just to name a few. Audiences will also enjoy several other musical genres including rhythm and blues, soul, Hip Hop and everything in between. Musical variety is the name of

the game and From Doo Wop to Hip Hop serves it up – big time.









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