Piano icon Chick Corea releases 3-CD set “Trilogy” w/Christian McBride & Brian Blade

image001“The award-winning jazz pianist-composer (20 Grammys and counting) teams up with bassist Christian McBride and drummer Brian Blade for this three-disc set. It overflows with marvelous originals and exhilarating interpretations of standards.”


“Corea has had many trios over the years, and this one certainly ranks amongst his most memorable… It’s hard to believe that Corea is now 73 years old but, if anything, he’s never been more active—and, with albums as superb as Trilogy, in the company of the equally outstanding McBride and Blade, clearly at the top of his game.

All About Jazz

“…three of the most gifted instrumentalists in jazz, understanding and sparking each other perfectly in a musical brotherhood stronger than most real ones…One of the good jazz season’s major sets.” 3.5 stars

Buffalo News

“…at 70 Corea remains a master of great creativity, swing, and sophistication. This is a most impressive album.”

Audiophile Audition

“… jazz lovers all over the world should once again tip their hat to the mighty Chick Corea.”

AreaWideNews (AR)

“In addition to having the opportunity to hear some of Chick Corea’s greatest songs performed live, much of the pleasure in Trilogy is the multilevel sonic experiences and sensibilities heard from the virtuosi on the three discs. With songs as varied as ‘Fingerprints,’ to Chick’s priceless masterpiece ‘Spain,’ from Disc One to ‘How Deep Is the Ocean?’ from Disc Two to ‘Piano Sonata: The Moon,’ from Disc Three, Trilogy is a must-have for any music lover.”