The Gift Theatre Suspends THE PILLOWMAN Performances

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19), The Gift Theatre announced today it will suspend performances of The Pillowman effective immediately. The revival was scheduled to run through March 29, 2020 at The Gift’s home at 4802 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago’s Jefferson Park neighborhood.

The Gift Theatre issued the following statement

Dearest Gifters,

We have been closely monitoring the public health advisories surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19) as the precautionary measures expanded and intensified over the past week. The situation remains ever-changing and we are, all of us, in uncharted waters together. We appreciate your patience as we develop and navigate a new course of adaptation. We have decided to suspend production of The Pillowman effective today. Subscribers and ticket holders will be contacted with further information as soon as possible. We will post updates on our website, thru e-blasts, via social media and through the press as the situation develops. We are exploring pioneering ways to safely share this landmark production with you, but that will take some time.

We remain in humbled awe of the emotional artistry the actors, director, designers and crew shared for this vital production which has brought audiences to tears and then to their feet. In the words of The Pillowman director Laura Alcalá Baker: “We found a different light, illuminating a greater darkness.” That they have. And what a gift indeed.

As America’s most intimate Equity non-profit theatre, the economic impact of these lost performances hurts us. But your generosity can heal us. While we will honor requests for refunds, we respectfully ask you donate the face value of your tickets to help sail us through these rough waters. Little acts of kindness, together, create massive change, and it is only together that will we navigate this storm.

You – our community of theatre goers and makers and supporters – are our most precious gift. We urge you to take the precautionary measures necessary to ensure your health and safety. We need each other. So take care of yourselves. Take care of each other. Important work lies ahead.

At The Gift, we believe every great story is a kind of love story and that no play really ever ends until everyone who told its story and experienced its story stops thinking about it. By those metrics, our production of The Pillowman – as well as the productions by so many of our beloved theatres and artists affected by these times – shall run forever.

Be well, Chicago. We are all one Ensemble.

And we love you.

The Gift

About The Gift Theatre

Since 2001 and over 70 productions, The Gift Theatre has pioneered the frontiers of the American theatre via the most intimate professional Equity theatre in the country, leading to national acclaim and a cultural revolution on Chicago’s northwest side.