SMOKEFALL by Noah Haidle is Reigniting The Stage

SMOKEFALL by Noah Haidle is Reigniting The Stage 1 Review by S.L. Crawley

Review by S.L. Crawley

Highly Recommended

The beautiful, chimerical “Smokefall’ from Noah Haidle take it’s time revealing three generations of a ‘normal’ Midwestern family. “Smokefall” examines the experiences of never-ending loss and the love that continues in spite of it. The underlying theme of aging and the realization that life can change at a moment’s notice gives Haidle’s entrancing drama the grace, humility, and truth it needs to come full circle. It asked the big questions – like why do humans take such drastic measures to love knowing that loss is imminent? Because life goes on one tragedy and love story after another whether we like it or not.The Goodman Theatre revived this production and brought it from the smaller space onto their main stage, a move that hasn’t happened to a show in almost 25 years. The reasons are quite clear; it’s observational dark humor and extraordinary vision brought to life by director Anne Kauffman leaves you wanting more. Performances are dynamic and engaging, with impeccable timing that is apparent most during the apposite moments of comic relief. Everything from the sound design by Lindsay Jones to the set design by Kevin Depinet, which believe it or not was put together in less than one year, is gorgeous. I felt like an all too nosy neighbor eavesdropping on generations of heart felt fun and horrific tragedy. And I adored every minute of it.

I highly recommend “Smokefall” playing now through October 26th at the Goodman Theatre.

Wednesday at 7:30PM; Thursday 2pm and 7:30PM, Friday 8PM, Saturday 2pm and 8pm and Sunday 2PM and 7:30PM

Ticket prices range from $25 to $81. Visit www.goomantheatre.ordg or call the box office at 312-443-3800 for more information or to obtain tickets