RED TAPE THEATRE ANNOUNCES Brooke Allen – Playwright in Residence

Red Tape Theatre is pleased to announce that starting in January 2013, Brooke Allen will become their first playwright in residence as part of the newly rev

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ised Fresh Eyes Project. Formed in 2005, the Fresh Eyes Project has been a bold, new workshop process designed to create and develop plays that are innovative in form and subject. Over the years, it has assisted in the development of such projects as Caitlin Parish’s A Twist of Water, Aaron Weissman’s Egg & Alfie, Martin Zimmerman’s Making of a Modern Folk Hero and Martyna Majok’s Mouse in a Jar, which went on to be a Jeff Award winning production for Red Tape Theatre in 2009.

The new Fresh Eyes Project Playwrights Residency will allow emerging Chicago playwrights to work closely alongside Red Tape Theatre’s directors, actors, dramaturgs and designers as they develop their work. Over their six month residency, the playwrights will receive three workshops or readings of their play and work with Red Tape Theatre’s Associate Artistic Director John Rooney and Literary Manager Molly Mullen to get their work into the hands of potential producers.

We are thrilled to have Brooke Allen as our very first playwright in residence. Her work is haunting, poignant and sharp. She is exactly the sort of writer Red Tape Theatre craves,” said John Rooney. “Many of our ensemble members have had the pleasure of working with Brooke on Tympanic Theatre’s production of Ruby Wilder this past fall and in our workshop of her play The Deer directed by Eric Hoff. The experience of working with Brooke has been astounding and we can’t wait to help launch her next project.”

MORE INFORMATION: John Rooney – Associate Artistic Director


BROOKE ALLEN is a graduate of the Creative Writing program at Webster University. Playwriting credits include; “The Deer” (Red Tape Theatre Workshop, 2012), “Ruby Wilder” (Tympanic Theatre Company, 2012 – Director James D. Palmer/ New York International Fringe Festival, 2010 – Director Eric Hoff/ Not Waiting Productions, 2008 – Director Brooke Allen), “House Work” (Not Waiting Productions, 2007 – Director Daren Leonard/ 2010 Semi-Finalist for the Leah Ryan’s Fund for Emerging Women Writers), “Viewfinders” (HealthWorks Theatre, 2006), “Beneath These Umbrellas” (Webster University One Act Festival, 2002), and “Directions to the Moon” (St. Louis Area One Act Festival, 2001). Other credits include “Mortified” (Former Chicago Producer/ Performer), “You’re Being Ridiculous” (Performer, 2011-2012) and “Redacted” (Creator/Performer, Ruckus Theatre, 2011-2012).

The Fresh Eyes Project is a bold, new workshop process designed to create and develop plays that are innovative in form or subject. Our directors, dramaturgs and actors work alongside the playwright to customize a rehearsal period best suited to the exploration of a particular play.

Red Tape Theatre Company, now in its ninth season, is committed to the creation of new and experimental work. Red Tape’s plays invite our audiences to reimagine their world. Red Tape’s work serves a vital purpose in our community: to arrest attention and create empathy. Our ensemble collaborates with playwrights, musicians, dancers, and visual artists on our three annual productions. This work is supported by our Fresh Eyes Playwrights Workshop and the Chicago Fringe Artist Networking Night, both of which are produced annually. Red Tape is housed in St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. The unique performance space allows us to continually reinvent the audience/artist relationship.