Portion Control Improv Presents: When Thighs Touch Running Thursdays, March 14th – April 18th at 10:30pm.

PCPhoneCasePortion Control Improv – an all female, improvisational team from Chicago-is presenting their improv show: When Thighs Touch at the Second City’s Donny’s Skybox. When Thighs Touch runs every Thursday, March 14th – April 18th at 10:30pm.

When Thighs Touch promises an evening of strong improvised characters performing smart and fast-paced scene diflucan generic work.

Portion Control Improv is coached by John Hildreth (Jeff Award Nominee). Cast includes: Lisa Barber, Kathleen Gibson, Tiffani Swalley and Ann Marie Trepkowski.

Ticket costs are $12 for the General Public, $10 for Students, and $6 for Second City Students.

About Portion Control

Portion Control is an all female improv team formed out of the Training Center at Second City.  The team is composed of former and current Second City House Team Members, Second City Conservatory Graduates and Second City Ship Alumni.  The ladies are devoted to strong character work and long-form improvisation. www.portioncontrolcomedy.weebly.com