Introducing rhythm – the Smart Dancing Shoes Helping Break The Curse of Two Left Feet

The smart shoes sync with an app to provide interactive dance lessons for all.

The phrase ‘put on your dancing shoes’ has just taken on an exciting new meaning, as a brand new pair of smart shoes hit the market with the ability to teach the wearer to dance using nothing but gentle vibrations. Great for those who want to add a new skill to their repertoire, the shoes are also an ideal accessory for those looking to get fit in a fun new way.

The rhythm shoes are set to become the novice dancer’s new wardrobe essential. As well as being comfortable and stylish, the shoes contain a number of sensors that sync up to the accompanying rhythm app. This app then delivers visual dance lessons, with vibrations sent directly to the shoes, showing dance students where to step.

The shoes are fitted with Bluetooth technology which helps link the sensors with the app. Built in accelerometer and gyroscopes can also offer feedback into each dance move, recommending tweaks and changes that will have wannabe dancers falling into step in no time . Users simply slip on the shoes, choose their lesson and allow the vibrations to guide their steps, until they can pull off a sensual tango or a rumba with ease. The shoes are perfect for those who are just starting out – making the task of memorizing steps for new dances much easier.

Cesar Gutierrez, dance enthusiast, engineer and creator of rhythm says, “Dancing is a fantastic way to keep fit and flex the mental muscles – but for a long time, many people saw learning to dance as a costly and complicated process. Our rhythm shows make it easy for dance enthusiasts to break the curse of ‘two left feet’ and learn how to dance in a range of styles, from slinky jazz to the majestic waltz, via hip-hop and the salsa!”rhythm-shoes-01

The accompanying app offers full progress tracking so users can see exactly how they’ve improved over time. Weekly charts show how many steps they’ve performed, their performance rate, their total time spent dancing and the amount of calories they’ve burned as a result. Important milestones are marked with badges, and you’ll receive points for each move successfully completed, offering a playful incentive to keep your feet moving.

The creators of the app also emphasise the social elements of rhythm, asserting that dance is a great way to meet new people and engage with the community. Cesar Gutierrezadds, “Using the rhythm app, you can set up your profile to find new dance partners, share your progress or challenge your friends. We’re even introducing a visual learning element, with live rhythm classes in major cities, where our users can perfect their technique and meet other dancers in their area.”

For more information about rhythm, visit the website: There are a number of free pairs up for grabs – simply reserve a pair and enter a valid email address.

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