Bono Promotes Mario Batali’: part of (RED)’s EAT (RED). DRINK (RED). SAVE LIVES campaign to fight AIDS.


We all know Bono’s pipes rock, but his latest song (released two seconds ago) is… well… inc(RED)ibly OMAZING! Check it out:

Singing to promote a supper experience like no other, the video promotes a once-in-a-lifetime cooking experience with Mario Batali, currently running as part of a competition on

For ten dollars, anyone can enter, with proceeds going to fight AIDS. The randomly chosen winner will be flown to New York to cook, and eat, with Mario Batali. Mario in turn released a new video in which he marvels at the delicious details of the experience.

Mario’s helping to raise a lot of dough for a cause that’s very dear to his heart – a cause that he calls one of the greatest challenges of our time – the fight against AIDS. Chef Mario Batali and are offering one lucky foodie the chance to see their culinary dreams come true, and making the contest truly sweet is that each ticket entry helps fight AIDS and save lives. Each 10$ entry ticket helps provide HIV+ pregnant women access to the lifesaving medication they heed to ensure that their children are born HIV free.

The contest is part of this June’s EAT (RED) DRINK (RED) SAVE LIVES campaign to #86AIDS, spearheaded by Mario Batali. The term “86” is food industry lingo for something no longer being available. It’s ‘nixed’! This June – to mark the month during which AIDS was discovered 33 years ago, (RED), together with Mario Batali, is teaming up with the biggest names in food to help ‘86 AIDS’. From June 1- June 10th, hundreds of restaurants, food trucks, bars and food markets worldwide are adding a (RED) item to their menus and making donations to the Global Fund to fight AIDS. Learn more about the campaign at RED.ORG.