Showbiz Chicago Interview: Lisa Lampanelli

Showbiz Chicago Interview: Lisa Lampanelli 1 ShowbizQ: What do you think people of our generation lost out on, and gained, in this particular moment in social history?
LisaLampanelli2ShowBiz Chicago sat down with Grammy-nominated insult comic Lisa Lampanelli following her double-decked evening at the historic Chicago Theatre. Adoringly hailed by fans as the ultimate “Queen of Mean”, Lampanelli’s ramped-up, take-no-prisoners raunchy approach to comedy has earned her a barrel of accolades and production specials, including the Comedy Central special “Dirty Girl” and the HBO special, “Lisa Lampanelli: Long Live the Queen”. Lampanelli adoringly aimed her quick-fire wit and acidic tongue toward each of Chicago’s ethnic and religious minority communities at Saturday night’s TBS ‘Just For Laughs’ segment. No one was hurt. But no one was safe from the comedienne’s biting whiplash either– and that’s just how we like it.

ShowbizQ: What do you think people of our generation lost out on, and gained, in this particular moment in social history?

Lisa Lampanelli: “Jesus. Oh I just want to murder you in your fucking sleep. I think you just missed out on the death penalty because that’s what I would give you for that fucking question. [Smiling innocently] But I like you.

[Pauses] But we’re not of the same generation. Remember I’m a year younger.

Well, I want to be like the Real Housewives of New Jersey. [Adapts New Jersey dialect, does impression] ‘Pay attention! Oh really?’ Did you see that? ‘Pay attention!’ I’ll pay attention. [Looks back at me] Wait, twat. [Discussing Jimmy Fallon] You know, he’s my muse. [Begins singing to an absent Fallon] “Did you ever know that you’re my hero?”

ShowBizQ: So how did you transition from journalism to standup and who were your influences that helped in that process?

Lisa Lampanelli: “Well I have to tell you when you’re doing journalism it’s really hard and you earn about 12,00 dollars a year. So I said to myself, listen, how about I earn something more by saying the word ‘cunt’?”

ShowBizQ: Yeah?

Lisa Lampanelli: “So comedy was the only thing to do. Transitionally, that’s what happened. And I was a DJ in between.”

ShowBizQ: Oh?

Lisa Lampanelli: “I don’t like to brag, but I did weddings. And karaoke. I led karaoke, so fucking step off, because I will sing the fucking rings around you. Paradise By The Dashboard Light. [Gestures toward self] Best karaoke singer in the world!”

ShowBizQ: I won’t challenge it.

Lisa Lampanelli: “Yeah, don’t.”

ShowBizQ: Any parting words of wisdom?

Lisa Lampanelli: “[You can] eat my box.”

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