WYCC PBS CHICAGO TO HOST RED CARPET PREMIERE OF “SID THE SCIENCE KID: THE MOVIE” WYCC Kids Club Event Will Offer Red Carpet Experience Area Children… and a Chance to Meet Sid!

image006Sid is coming to Chicago! The star of the popular animated television show, “Sid the Science Kid,” will meet and greet guests on the red carpet at a special premiere of Jim Henson’s “Sid the Science Kid: The Movie.” The event will be hosted by WYCC PBS Chicago and the WYCC Kids Club, and is sponsored by the Museum of Science and Industry and a grant from the Jim Henson Company.

The Red Carpet Walk and Movie Screening will be held at the Museum of Science and Industry’s Omnimax Theater on Friday, March 8, 2013, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The Omnimax Theater is located in the museum at 57th Street and South Lake Shore Drive.

“The ‘Sid the Science Kid’ television show has a great fan following among WYCC PBS Chicago’s audience, so it’s a thrill to be able to bring the excitement of the ‘Sid’ movie premiere to the children of Chicago,” said Cynthia Syperek, Director of Programming for WYCC PBS Chicago. “We hope the experience further encourages kids to become curious and passionate about science.”

“Sid the Science Kid” is an award-winning educational animated television series that uses comedy and music to promote exploration, discovery and science readiness among preschoolers. The show airs weekday mornings on WYCC PBS Chicago, Channel 20.

Existing members of WYCC’s Kids Club will receive e-mail invitations to register for tickets for the event. Approximately 100 tickets will be available for new Kids Club members who register online through WYCC PBS Chicago’s website: www.wycc.org. Club memberships start at $25. Fifty complimentary tickets will be issued to community groups in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago, where WYCC PBS Chicago is headquartered on the campus of Kennedy-King College, one of the City Colleges of Chicago.

Parking and buy azithromycin additional ticket information will be e-mailed to registered guests. Please contact Falyn Harper at WYCC PBS Chicago at 773-487-3661 with questions or for more information.

Sid the Science Kid: The Movie – Synopsis

“Sid the Science Kid: The Movie” follows Sid and his friend Gabriela through their adventure in The Super Ultimate Science Museum. After winning a science fair contest for creating an awesome science experiment, Sid and Gabriela are named “Junior Investigators” and get a special viewing of the new museum before it opens to the public. Once there, they meet quirky scientist Dr. Bonabodon, voiced by guest-star Christopher Lloyd (“Back to the Future”), who has designed robot tour guides of the future, including Bobbybot, his greatest creation. When Sid and Gabriela are introduced to Yangyang and Niuniu, the impressive big-kid “Future Scientist” contest winners from China, they start to wonder if they really know their science stuff. But after their robot tour guide short circuits, Sid, Gabriela, Yangyang, and Niuniu have to work together and use science to try to save the day.

About the Sponsors

The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, the largest science center in the Western Hemisphere, is home to more than 35,000 artifacts and nearly 14 acres of hands-on experiences designed to spark scientific inquiry and creativity. The museum’s vision is to inspire and motivate children to achieve their full potential in the fields of science, technology, engineering and medicine.

The Jim Henson Company has remained an established leader in family entertainment for over 50 years and is recognized worldwide as an innovator in puppetry, animatronics and digital animation. Best known as creators of the world famous Muppets, Henson has received over 50 Emmy Awards and nine Grammy Awards.

About WYCC PBS Chicago

WYCC PBS Chicago, affiliated with the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), broadcasts 24 hours a day featuring a mix of instructional, informational and educational programs. Primary funding for broadcast activities is provided by the City Colleges of Chicago and grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the State of Illinois. WYCC also receives viewer, foundation and corporate support through donations, matching gifts and underwriting. As WYCC celebrates its 30-year anniversary in 2013, the station is introducing a slate of new programming, including the public affairs show, “In the Loop,” and a docu-concert series, entitled “Musicology