Stage 773 Launches New Education and Programming Series in Dedicated “Box” Theater

images (6)Stage 773 is turning its redesigned Box performance space into an actor’s training and performing destination. Starting in July, the Box will host an ever-growing number of classes, workshops, and programming opportunities in a rejuvenated space complete with a new staging system.

“We’ve always put our tenants first and serve their interests fully,” says Stage 773 Creative Director Brian Posen. “Since 2010, Stage 773 has doubled in size, and we are now at a place where we can continue to serve our tenants while helping artists grow and collaborate through our own education and programming. 

A La Carte Classes from Renowned Educators – At a Special, Box Club Card Discounted Rate for Members Stage 773 offers à la carte options for both professional and non-professional artists looking to sample a variety of techniques and workshops.

 Creating Powerful Monologues, tiered scene study classes, fire performance, and the Greatest Hits of a master teacher’s life work are just a few of the upcoming opportunities. (Visit now for a full list of offerings.)

The Education Series, offered at a lower cost than comparable training centers in the area, blends education with programming –allowing students to combine their skills, interests, and background to grow as artists.  Instructors include Michael Gellman, Scott Olson, Wendy Weber, Alexander Gelman, Brian Posen, and Janna Sobel.

Artists can become members of the Box Club to receive discounts on programs, education, and concessions. Stage 773’s new programming includes Scribble Bibble (Thursday nights), featuring eight groups of writers, directors, and performers (more than 100 artists), creating new works in a variety of styles (more than 100 works every year); and Solo Sundays, where each Sunday brings performances of storytelling, solo work, sketch or improv, and spoken word.  

Stage 773 also will showcase the Spotlight Series (Fridaynights), offering new performances, festivals, and musicals. “Stage 773’s education and programming initiative represents a unique niche for Chicago actors,” continues Posen. “Students can advance their skills through specific techniques while being part of a community of students, teachers, patrons and theater makers. Our training philosophy ties back to our core mission, which is connecting Chicago Theater.”

The Clubhouse to Take Artists and their Existing Groups on Fast-track Development

A new feature at Stage 773 is The Clubhouse, a two-level concept designed to fast track ensembles’ development. An established group can advance its skills and resources by collaborating through workshops with seasoned directors, coaches, and artists hand-selected by Brian Posen. The Clubhouse takes artists and their groups to the next level. “Every staff member of Stage 773 is also an artist,” says Amanda Jane Long, Director of Education. “We know first-hand how working together makes us better people, stronger artists, and more engaged citizens.”  

  Class fees range from $80-$225 for non-Box Club Members. For a full list of courses and programming or to register for classes, visit

About Stage 773

Stage 773 is a multi-complex performance and tenant facility anchoring Chicago’s Belmont Theater District in the Lakeview neighborhood. Every year, it brings together more than 75,000 patrons with 5,000 artists in productions that range from low budget, intimate shows to the largest sketch comedy festival in the nation. Stage 773 presents accessible, affordable, and exceptional entertainment, as well as opportunities for artists to develop through continuing education and programs. As a tenant facility, Stage 773 provides material, technical, organizational, and emotional support to artists and administrators. For more information regarding the education and programming initiative, contact Amanda Long at 773.929.7367 X 110 For a complete list of offerings, visit