SHOWBIZ NATION LIVE! November 17, 2014 ; Episode Guest CAZWELL

SHOWBIZ NATION LIVE! November 17, 2014 ; Episode Guest CAZWELL from SHOWBIZ CHICAGO on Vimeo.

CAZWELL-by-Athena-Maroulis-LO-RESRap/Hip Hop icon CAZWELL joins Showbiz Nation LIVE! and discusses his incredible career, inspirations and his trident fan base.

A Massachusetts native, Cazwell has been described as what would have happened if Eminem had grown up on Madonna’s front lawn. He became a Youtube sensation after a million people viewed his ‘Ice Cream Truck’ music video in a single week. He has since earned hipster credibility with a steady flow of danceable hip hop tracks that impressively showcase his hypomanic take on pop culture.

Last month, Cazwell released his first full-length album in four years, “Hard 2 B Fresh” on Brooklyn indie, Peace Bisquit. The new batch of Hip Hop comedy gems features seventeen tracks including his latest that is currently tearing up dance floors, “Dance Like You Got Good Credit,” “Spicy”, “The Biscuit” and “Don’t Get It Twisted.”

In “Hot Homo”, Cazwell is joined by another gay MC: the large, furry bear rapper known as Big Dipper. “Dipper is funny as all hell”, says Cazwell. “Once I got the idea for the freestyle, I called him up. We have a similar sense of humor. I knew he’d be down for helping me start a big, gay, ironic riot.”