In today’s hectic world dominated by jobs and devices that demand our constant attention, it has never been more important to do a little self pampering to keep on an even keel.     Making ourselves feel comfortable in our home and body is made all the more accessible by the fabulous selection of items offered by Luxor Linens.  Offering the finest quality Egyptian cotton sheets, bath towels, table linens and home accessories all with available customized monogramming at amazingly affordable prices, Luxor Linens makes the showbiz- Hollywood lifestyle available to us all.

Founded in 2005 by Jack Nekhala who serves as CEO & President and Executive Vice President Mike Nusinkis, Luxor Linens has earned a stellar reputation of exceptional customer service and loyalty, where the attention to detail in the luxurious products extends to detailed care the Luxor team gives, you the customer is the ordering process.


Photo by Michael J. Roberts at Chicago Condominium

photo 4

Michael J. Roberts photographed by Frank A. Roberts

That detail is found from the moment your order arrives.  Just look at the magnificent box my fabulous Giovanni Signature Egyptian Cotton monogramed robe arrived in; and of course me relaxing in my robe at Southfork Ranch with some champagne (I think Bobby Ewing is a bit jealous).

Best of all, Luxor Linens is offering Showbiz Chicago viewers 25% off their orders by entering visiting and entering the code:     ChicagoShowBizVIP

4c0d33bb5c8c3fc3184117aae2b4078dItems from Luxor Linens also makes the perfect gift for ANY occasion.  With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday and a busy summer filled with weddings, boating, picnicking and travel, a browse through Luxor Linens consumer friendly and easy to navigate website will surely make shopping for your family, friend or loved one a fun and enjoyable task.

Because of their dedication to detail and customer respect LUXOR LINENS receives the SHOWBIZ CHICAGO STANDING OVATION!