REVIEW: Nightmares on Lincoln Ave. Se7en: I SAW What You did Last Summer.

Nightmare.Se7en.SAW.I Know What You Did Last Summer

Reviewed by: S.L. Crawley

Highly Recommended

With a plethora of artistic choices throughout the city, narrowing it down to one fantastic show seems almost impossible, until now. Nightmares on Lincoln Ave Se7en: I SAW What You Did Last Summer is a super-slick production from director Derik Iverson, written by Kallie Rolison.

The show is original and hilarious, featuring a host of comedy talent that has the audience belly laughing from beginning to end. The story takes horror clichés to a new level. It’s Nightmare on Elm Street meets Se7en, SAW, I Know What you Did Last Summer and Willy Wonka. It’s a thoughtful play with constant surprises, alternating between slapstick and serious. On a murderous rampage, Nurse Kramer (Michelle M. Oliver who has facial expressions that deserve an award all their own) and the perfect take on Jean Wilder (Nick Ferrin just oozed creepy), trap five unwilling participants, one of whom must be sacrificed for the good of all mankind. It’s up to the captives to decide which of them it will be. There’s Morgan (Alyssa Ratkovich), the inherently sweet teacher who isn’t afraid to show her fangs or anxiety; Drew, (Nathan Dunn) the sensitive, compassionate and sensible love of John (Andrew Canada), the smart, tough and on point manly-man; Cari, (Melissa Heeres) the feisty, hard-edged, no-nonsense barista you’d want on your roller derby team, and the lovable, clueless weatherman Dean Doppler (John Wilson) who rounds out this phenomenal cast which has razor-sharp timing. There is clever use of contemporary music between scenes as we are swept into past circumstances, as each character recalls the last thing they remember before being kidnapped by a mysterious creature and deposited into the room of doom.

The audience (myself included) laughed loudly throughout the performance. I didn’t even check my phone at intermission, and I always check my phone at intermission. Instead, I chatted with the other audience members about how damn funny the show was.

I enthusiastically recommend this funny, one-of-a-kind show.

Now go forth and see good theatre!

Nightmares on Lincoln Ave Se7en: I SAW What You Did Last Summer opens Friday October 9th and runs Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm through October 31st at 8pm. All performances are at Cornservatory, 4210 N Lincoln, Chicago. BYOB. Ticket Price: Wednesdays $7.00, Thursday $10 Fridays and Saturdays $15.00. Email for reservations or purchase tickets online at