Punch Me If I’m Dreaming Opens Monday, August 12th


Photos by Zephian Michaels

Punch Me If I’m Dreaming, a two-person musical sketch show starring Matthew Van Colton and Nicole C. Hastings, opens Monday, August 12th at StudioBe.

Punch Me If I’m Dreaming looks to explore a surreal, poignant, and sleep-tinted world through sketch and song. Through the personal perspectives of Hastings and Van Colton, the show looks to recall a mixture of moments that are humor-filled and also touching.

Hastings and Van Colton are part of the faculty at The Second City Training Center. Hastings performs with The Second City’s Touring Company and in Summer in the Second City. Van Colton performed with Second City Theatricals and will perform in Best Musical! this October in Second City’s UP Comedy Club.Punch Me is directed by Jen Ellison and Musical Direction is by Matthew Loren Cohen. “We’ve had such a good time preparing for Punch Me and are excited to get this show in front of audiences.” – says Van Colton.

Punch Me If I’m Dreaming runs Monday Nights: August 12th, August 19th, and August 26th at StudioBe at8pm. The ticket cost is $10.