Podcast With Hesperidian Production’s KYLE THOMAS

Kyle Thomas from Michael Roberts on Vimeo.

Hesperidian Production’s President and Director of the film department, Kyle Thomas, discusses the mission of this new multi-media company. For more information, please visit www.hesperidianproductions.com

As President of the company, Kyle Thomas oversees Hesperidian Productions commercial growth; the integrity and professionalism of the company’s work; as well as the cultivation of a dynamic, collaborative approach to the work of all departments. As the Director of the Film Department, he oversees the development of original creative projects and consults with potential clients, identifying their objectives and ensuring that their vision is realized. Kyle Thomas’ background in directing, writing, cinematography, acting and psychology provides a solid foundation for guiding the film department. He has been directing and producing music videos, short films, and promotional videos for clients in Chicago and Madison since 2009. His network has grown globally, with connections in all regions of the United States ranging from music production, video distribution, performance, and scriptwriting. (Bio from Hesperidian Productions website)

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