Podcast with ALL THAT JAWS’ Erin Lane, Logan Dean & Keenan Camp

Erin Lane, Logan Dean and Keenan Camp discuss ALL THAT JAWS, a parody homage to the blockbuster film.

“You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” Stay out of the water as Erin Lane, Keenan Camp, Logan Dean and Chris Gorton present ALL THAT JAWS. The production is a re-interpretation of one of the most infamous movies of all time. Performances are every Friday night October 19 – December 7 at 10:30 PM at Theatre Wit (1229 W. Belmont).

From the creators of Attend the Tale of Danny Tanner: A Full House Musical and Jersey Shore: The Musical, the world premiere of ALL THAT JAWS, a Sharktastic new musical, will reacquaint you with the
sea with an absurd, comical, and musical re-imagining of the world’s first summer blockbuster. The
original film came out in 1975 and some of us still won’t go into the ocean. Audiences will enter the
mind of Jaws as the musical takes original and whimsical stabs at this classic horror film.

When a lonely great white shark named Jaws comes to the small island community of Amity looking
for friendship, his plans are thwarted by his unfortunate instinct to eat everything and everyone
around him. It’s up to Martin Brody, Amity’s new chief of police, to bring hold Jaws accountable for
his actions.

Theatre Wit is accessible via the CTA Red Line (Belmont Stop), #77 Belmont bus and
#22 Clark bus.

Directed by Keenan Camp, ALL THAT JAWS is produced by Erin Lane, Keenan Camp,
Logan Dean and Chris Gorton.  Book by Keenan Camp and Logan Dean and music by Chris
Gorton.  ALL THAT JAWS features musical direction by Ryan Miera and choreography by
Nikki Pierce. ALL THAT JAWS stars Rob Speer, Peter Kremidas, Dan Wright, C.J. Tuor and
Allison Kochanski.  ALL THAT JAWS will also feature Neala Barron, Courtney Crary, Dean
Gibbs, Alex Hand, Madeline Maser, Brandon Price, A.J. Rahm, and Amanda Roeder.

ALL THAT JAWS brings four well-known Chicago comedians, writers and performers, together.
Erin Lane has produced, written, directed and performed in the Chicago hits Jersey Shore: The
Musical, Americans in Peril and ObamaNation; Keenan Camp performed in The Verse: Another Firefly
Story at iO and can be seen in the indie film “You Are Not Alone.” He also co-hosts The Show
Below, Wicker Park’s longest running improv show with Logan Dean. Logan Dean has written and
performed with Chicago supergroup Octavarius, and played James Madison in their hit webseries I
Made America; Chris Gorton is a featured member of Chicago’s longest running revue in iO history,
The Cupid Players, and wrote and starred in Attend the Tale of Danny Tanner: A Full House Musical.

For more information about ALL THAT JAWS
go to www.facebook.com/AllThatJaws