Oracle Presents THE MOTHER by Bertolt Brecht

Mother_banner_eBlastOracle Productions continues Season 3 of Public Access Theatre with its first musical, THE MOTHER by Bertolt Brecht. This bold production is directed by Max Truax, Artistic Director of Oracle Theatre, with original music by Jonathan Guillen, and arranged by Music Director Nicholas Tonozzi. Truax, Guillen and Tonozzi helm Oracle’s most ambitious project to date, having previously collaborated on Trap Door’s critically acclaimed HAMLETMACHINE. THE MOTHER  runs through May 25, 2013 at Oracle Theatre (3809 N Broadway in Chicago). Performances are Friday, Saturday, and Monday nights at 8PM; Sundays at 7PM.

Admission to THE MOTHER is free in Oracle’s Public Access Theatre. Seats are sponsored by The Forty 4, a growing population of individuals and local businesses committed to making free art for all. Reservations are highly recommended, and can be made at

THE MOTHER was originally written in 1930 as a Lehrstücke, or learning play, with the intent of educating the German people about the values of Marxism. Set during the reign of Tsar Nicholas II, THE MOTHER tells the story of Pelagea Vlassova, a widow whose only son is embroiled in dangerous political activities. Her desire to protect him draws her deep into a growing labor movement, which ultimately leads her to both catastrophe and triumph. Oracle Theatre holds its lens to Brecht’s notion of how a common cause can unite people in overcoming any kind of obstacle, be it personal, economic, or political. Guillen’s music transforms Brecht’s socialist poetry into an anthemic call to action, while Truax’s staging draws the audience into Brecht’s conflict, placing them at the very feet of the revolutionary movement.

The cast features Oracle Company Members Stephanie Polt, Jamie Bragg, and Sarah Pretz. Katherine Keberlein plays the titular role, Pelagea Vlassova (the mother), after previously working with Oracle in the Jeff Recommended IRONMISTRESS (2012). The ensemble features Zachary Baker-Salmon, Eli Branson, Rick Foresee, Havalah Grace, DeChantel Kosmatka, Cody Proctor, and Yael Wartens.

The creative team for THE MOTHER includes Video Design by Jeremy Clark (Artistic Director, Oracle Film) and Costume Design by company member Joan Pritchard (Costume Design). The creative team also features Jonathan Guillen (Composer), Nicholas Tonozzi (Music Director, Arrangements), Eleanor Kahn (Scenic Design), Eric Van Tassell (Lighting Design), and Evelyn DeHais (Graphic Design). Company member Laura K. Smith is Assistant Director, and Allison Goetzman is Stage Manager. Kathleen Dickinson is Production Manager, and Justin Snyder is Technical Director. Lyndsay Kane is Casting Director for Oracle Productions. Max Truax is Artistic Director of Oracle Theatre. Ben Fuchsen is Executive Producer of Oracle Productions.