Jen Bosworth’s WHY NOT ME Runs July 18- Aug. 10 At Heartland Studio

Opening This Weekend at
the Heartland Studio

Jen Bosworth's 'Why Noy Me' poster

The critically acclaimed performance Why Not Me. Love, Cancer and Jack White debuted in Chicago in 2012. The one-woman show was a hit at the 2013 New York International Fringe Festival, creating a buzz among critics.Why Not Me is a sympathetic… tale of life’s challenges and the personal grit necessary to survive them,” according to a review in Timeout New York. Shelley Molad, from the NY Theatre Review, wrote, “At times a powerhouse performer and a demonstrably trained stage actor, for the most part, Jen is unabashedly unpolished, frank and decidedly human.”

In Why Not Me, Jen presents the triumphs and tribulations she has lived. Her performance includes everything from her experiences working for Nicholas Cage to facing her loved ones battle cancer and everything in between. Curtain Up says, “What makes this show winning is… Bosworth herself–and her love, honesty, and courage is contagious.” Jen’s heartfelt story along with her exquisite performance skills makes Why Not Me a must-see.

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