Florida Theatrical Association (FTA) Audition Notice

Florida Theatrical Association (FTA) Audition Notice 1 Character Breakdowns:

Florida Theatrical Association (FTA) is holding auditions for one workshop and two staged readings of the three selections in their New Musical Discovery Series. The auditions will take place on August 20 from 10am to 6pm at The Abbey (100 South Eola Drive in downtown Orlando). 
The workshop and staged readings will take place September 5-11, 2016. Open to Equity and Non-Equity actors. There is a small stipend for participating. Auditions are by appointment only. Email headshot and resume to julie.h.gottfried@gmail.com for an appointment.

Character Breakdowns:

TOM- High Baritone, early 60’s, any ethnicity; a financial planner, he’s been making “dad” jokes since college, soft around the middle, nerdy handsome, makes a genuine effort but is often oblivious.
HELEN- Alto, late 50’s, any ethnicity; Married to Tom, a retired elementary school teacher, very comfortable taking charge, the social director of the couple, extroverted and affable, impatient but not entitled.
TY- Baritone, mid-late 20’s, any ethnicity; Helen’s personal trainer, very sexy and knows it, more intelligent than his cover would suggest, goes with the flow, great at reading people and giving them what they need
PEARL- Alto, mid 40’s, any ethnicity; Book store employee, free-spirited, old school hippie, more traditional then her cover would suggest, a fire cracker, acts tough but sensitive at the core.
LEIGH- Soprano, early 20’s, any ethnicity; Tom and Helens daughter, in college, very sweet and perky, emotionally astute.
BRANDON- Tenor, early 20’s, any ethnicity; Leigh’s boyfriend in college, well-mannered, wants to help but usually gets in the way, nosy. ALSO PLAYS WAITER.

LISA- Pop Mezzo Soprano with a High Belt (E), early 30’s; An attractive, straight-shooting, level-headed professional women who is about to have her first child and is realizing just how unprepared she is.
JEFF- High Baritone, early 30’s; Lisa’s nice-looking, work-at-home, slightly bohemian, graphic designer husband; More at home in a Lynard Skynard tee than a Paul Fredrick pinpoint oxford; A lovable quirky guy who just wants to do right by his wife and child.
MAN #1- Tenor, late 30’s to early 40’s, PLAYS MULTIPLE ROLES, a strong, subtle actor capable of delivering a 7-minute serio-comic monologue that is both spoken and sung in one scene and then playing a lewd swinger in the next.
WOMAN #1- Mezzo Soprano, late 30’s to early 40’s, PLAYS MULTIPLE ROLES, an actress good with comedic characters and delivering zingers, yet with a depth to pull off a 5-minute serio-comic musical monologue.
MAN #2- Character Baritone, late 30’s to early 40’s, PLAYS MULTIPLE ROLES, a broadly comedic character actor.
WOMAN #2- Character Soprano ideally with a High C, late 30’s to early 40’s, PLAYS

MULTIPLE ROLES, she’s Betty White to Woman #1’s Elaine Stritch, sings the rafter-rattling finale of Act One.

JOYCE JACKSON- 17, the “girl most likely to succeed”; beautiful, driven, her sweet veneer covers up deep ambitions and a ruthlessness to rule. Tracy Flick from “Election” meets Galinda- must be a first rate singing actress with comedic bite. Needs an excellent, effortless mix/belt. Vocal range: G3-F#5
MIX LAWRENCE- 18, the Big Man on Campus; drop dead handsome, physically intimidating but sweet and kind, if frustrated by his inability to “score” off the field/court. He’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer but he’s not a moron. Pop tenor, vocal range: B2 to G#4
FRIEDA MACDOUGAL- 17, the class cutup; she’s eccentric, has self-esteem issues and always manages to say/do the worst possible thing; she must be an excellent comedienne with a pop/belt mix in the mezzo range. Vocal range: G3 to D5
NANCY DALE- 17, the class wallflower; the shy but quietly funny girl who moonlights as a babysitter; she’s filled with dreams and optimism and cuts to the chase when those around her need a reality check- not unlike Willow Rosenberg on “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”; must have a powerful and plaintive voice. Vocal range: G3- F5
BETTY MILLER- 18, the bubbly, pretty but not so bright cheerleader; she’s kind, giggly, loyal and easily convinced to go along with others; must be extremely likeable and have a light comedic touch. Vocal range: G3 -F5
TED COOK- 18, not a “nerd” but not the dreamboat; Ted is clever, likeable and charming to the nth degree, the sidekick who discovers he has profound feelings beneath the wisecracks; must have a smooth, expressive voice. Vocal Range: B2 to full throated G#4
LOUISE BENEDICT- 18, the good time gal from the wrong side of the tracks; earthy, proud, defiant and vulnerable, she uses humor to deflect issues and while not book smart, has the wits and street savvy to go toe to toe with Joyce, her nemesis. Must have a rich, powerful belt voice/high mix. Vocal range: A3-F5

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