6074286Dream Theatre Company presents Jeremy Menekseoglu’s Medea, its first mainstage production in its new Lincoln Square location. This visceral reimagining of the classic Greek tragedy focuses on the psychological damage to Medea’s children, and the implosion of her unhealthy marriage to the hero Jason.

On the eve of his wedding to his new bride, Jason visits the beachside shack made out of the rotting Argo where Medea and her neglected twin boys bide their time. Jason demands that Medea take a payoff to leave Corinth so he can safely marry its virgin princess, Glauce. But neither of them wants to take the children, whom Medea blames for the loss of her husband and her past identity as a powerful, desirable woman.

Glauce bravely offers her own, gentler peace to the feared and isolated Medea, and in so doing gives Medea the opportunity to reclaim her past glory and win back Jason’s heart. Medea’s magic was powerful enough to slay a Titan, but it may not be powerful enough to save her marriage – and it comes at a terrible, bloody price.

Medea will be performed Aug. 8 through Sept. 14 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 8p.m.at the Dream Laboratory, 5026 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL 60625. (No shows on Sunday Aug. 31 and Friday Sept. 5.) Medea features Dream Theatre Artistic Associate Kaitlin Stewart and Dream Theatre Company members Amanda Lynn Meyer, Madelaine Schmitt, Anna W Menekseoglu, Jeremy Menekseoglu, and Rachel Martindale as Medea.

Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at dreamtheatrecompany.com. To pay at the door, make reservations by texting 773-552-8616or by emailing annainthedarkness@gmail.com.

Dream Theatre Company is Best Off-Loop Theatre Company (2014, 2012, 2010) in the the Chicago Reader Poll. Other awards include Best 15-Minute Horror Play (Audience Annihilated Part Two: Gold Star Sticker, Chicago Reader Poll 2014), Best New Play (Chicago Reader, Peter Pan’s Shadow trilogy 2012 and The Agon Trilogy 2010), a Top 5 Show of 2010 (New City, Electra, part two ofThe Agon Trilogy) and of 2007 (New City, The Baby Killers), and a Jeff Award for The Black Ducking (2009).

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