David Leddick’s “Gorgeous Gallery” A Must Have

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Gorgeous Gallery, by David Leddick, is the first art book of its kind to combine what is considered “popular” sexual art with “fine” art. The message is clear, new, and bold: great art and great sex can co-exist. Published by Bruno Gmunder for worldwide release July 15, the 160-page volume presents a collection spanning three genres, which Leddick defines as: 1.) The classic “gay spirit” of the 20th century, 2.) Trend-setting contemporary artists at their most sexual, and 3.) A newer group of avant-garde artists largely unseen until now.

“This book goes further visually than any previous homoerotic art book,” says Leddick. “It is more graphic and more sexual than any previous collection, because now it’s the 21st century where powerful sex and art can exist in one work.” Leddick’s introduction to the book presents the case that there are many similar examples of sexual art from the past, but through the ages society has tried to ignore that art and sex do meet. The new book shows how historically, artists have almost always portrayed homoerotic images of sexy men, meant to be enjoyed by other men. “A book like this has never existed before. There are many paintings in this collection that have never been presented in an art book,” adds Leddick. “You don’t have to be gay to like sex, and the subject of where sex and art meet should be interesting to everyone.”

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About the new book:

Gorgeous Gallery, by David Leddick, published by Bruno Gmunder for worldwide release July 15, 2012
ISBN: 978-3-86787-248-5 160 pages, color, hardcover with dust jacket. 8½ x 11¼” (US$ 52.99)
With artworks by 47 artists including: Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Don Bachardy, Peter Flinsch, Wes Hempel, Michael Leonard, Mark Beard (Bruce Sargeant), Neel Bate, Paul Cadmus and many more.

About the author:
David Leddick is an author, playwright and actor, and contributes to The Huffington Post. He has 22 books published, many photography books about the male nude (including one of Taschen’s top-ten bestsellers, The Male Nude), the second edition of In the Spirit of Miami Beach (Assouline), and six novels. He has been a naval officer, a ballet dancer, and an advertising executive as Worldwide Creative Director for Revlon in New York and for L’Oreal in Paris. Residing in Miami Beach, Leddick considers living in his 80s to be “the new late middle-age,” and calls everyone living over 65 the new “Sextennials.”