Cirque Shanghai Better Than Ever with DRAGON’S THUNDER

_wsb_372x251_Cirque+Shanghai+Inside+Globe+of+DeathThe troupe at Cirque Shanghai, returning once again to Navy Pier with their most thrilling show to date, has become a welcome Chicago tradition.   Cirque’s latest show entitled Dragon’s Thunder is a much more cohesive and physical show then in the years past yet retaining the great spirit and enthusiasm of both performer and viewer.

Tumblers, contortionists, dancers, daredevils and acrobats all make up this glorious family of athletes.  Dragon’s Thunder contains some exciting live drumming intervals and a few new acts to keep the returning patrons coming back.  The smiles and personalities of this troupe shines through and their enthusiasm is infectious, especially with acts such as Rolla Bolla, where a young man is rolling and balancing on, well, you name it.  There is also a gorgeously crafted Shoulder Ballet were a ballerina moves effortlessly over the companions’ head and shoulders with innate strength and skill.  _wsb_360x320_Cirque+Shanghai+Rolla+BollaThunder retains the crowd favorites including The Globe of Death were five motorcycles spin and twirl inside a mesh circle, is still as nail biting as ever and the Wheel of Destiny where last year we almost witnessed a near fall during the performance had the audience gasping at  every interval.

The pacing of the fourteen acts is brisk as always, getting the cross generational patrons out of the Pepsi Skyline Stage tent in about 70 minutes at a price point which still makes Cirque Shanghai the best bargain for a family the city.

Cirque Shanghai: Dragon’s Thunder runs through September 2, 2013 at The Pepsi Skyline Stage at Navy Pier.  For showtimes and ticketing information please visit click here.   For calendar information visit