CCP’s Musical Monday’s Returns! The Legends of Broadway Is A Must See Show

CCP's Musical Monday's Returns! The Legends of Broadway Is A Must See Show 1 Reviewed by: Gwendalyn Thompson

10523228_10152331266788865_6725302983254785831_nReviewed by: Gwendalyn Thompson

The Legends of Broadway is a must see show. The performance opens with the very talented Singer/Director Joan Curto who provides the evenings introductions and informs us that tonight is the inaugural show to the revival of Chicago Cabaret Professional Series, Music Mondays. She also lightheartedly mentions that she “was afraid no one would come out to see the show”, but boy was she wrong as she stood amidst a nearly sold out theatre as the audience anxiously awaited the performance.

As the show began one by one each songstress gave us their rendition to a Broadway classic. Bass-Baritone David Edelfelt possesses power and control as he takes the stage.

Kimberly Lawson captures the attention of everyone within ear shot as she playfully charms her way into our hearts with every note. Hers is a voice that is filled with a range of variations. New to the Chicago Cabaret Professionals and recent Roosevelt University graduate, Ryan Stajmiger shows definite promise. I personally appreciated songs from the Broadway hit “Ragtime” added to the show, it was delightfully unexpected.

Each ballad is supported by a very talented pianist whom never misses a beat as he skillfully sways from one tune to the next.1609698_10152331267343865_2677718112087595972_n

The perfect compliment to a wonderful show is the perfect venue. Victory Gardens Theater is certainly befitting for the occasion. Friendly professional staff, an oak-trimmed full service bar and a regally reminiscent theatre definitely puts one in the mindset of an actual 1960’s Broadway musical.

There is no doubt about it…..Musical Mondays are now on my calendar. For more information call 773-871-3000 or visit