“Cafe Cabaret” At Cafe Ballou, May 17th

Date: May 17th, 2013
Day & Time: Friday, 7pm
Location: Cafe Ballou, 939 N Western, Chicago, IL

“Cafe Cabaret” Cafe Cabaret is an eclectic variety/cabaret show with a rotating cast of performers. With a new cast every month, the show is always fresh. From poignant to funny, mirth to disaster it all happens at Cafe Ballou, every third Friday of every month. Cafe Ballou is located @ 939 N Western. The show begins @ 7pm.

Cafe Cabaret is produced and hosted by Chicago entertainers Roberta Miles and Janet Kane. Janet Kane has been called the “maven of mischief.” Her silly antics and funny repartee endears her to her audience. She is known as “Ms Smarty Pants” and appears at comedy clubs throughout the Midwest. She has performed with “The Kates” and “Beast Women”.

Roberta Miles and her irreverent autobiographical monologues make up a tell-all expose of her quirky, edgy life. Her one woman show, “I Want a Banana and Other Desperate Love Stories”, will be hitting the road in 2012. “Bawdy & Soul: Memoirs of a Loose Chick” a memoir compilation is due for completion in 2013. Roberta is an award winning monologist, a published poet and a well known Jazz singer in Chicago. Her CD; “Body & Soul” has sold over 1000 copies and is available on CD Baby. Roberta is also a visual artist with works hanging in major collections across the Midwest.

Thanks to Cafe Ballou for hosting this magical hour. Located at 939 N. Western Ave, Cafe Ballou is a cozy cafe with a European flair. The staff is always ready to have good fun. You can satiate your taste buds with great soups, and sandwiches as well as rock ’em, sock ’em pastries, along with a long list of coffees and exotic teas. You’ll feel cared for and satisfied in this neighborhood cafe. There is always street parking. Cafe Ballou supports local artists and is open Monday thru Friday 8:30am -8:30pm and weekends 8am-6pm. Cafe Ballou is open late for special occasions.

May performers include: Maggie Graham, Matt Berger, Holly Beaudry, Leslie LaTouche, Emily Lake, Alex Koditschek