BIG HOT DOG – the maker of the enormous 16 pound, 7 inch long hot dog – is pleased to announce it has a new CEO: 3 year old, Winston Danger Abbate

dog6Just in time for the official Hot Dog Day on July 23, 2014, BIG HOT DOG is pleased to announce a new CEO will be at the helm of the company: Winston Danger Abbate. Winston, who will turn three onJuly 22, 2014, is the only child of founder and CEO, Dan Abbate. He enjoys Paw Patrol, watermelon, and swimming in the ocean with his turtle floaty he has named “Bucky.” When asked to comment about his new appointment, Winston replied, “I like this hotdog. I like to eat it. Do you like bananas?”

Dan Abbate is excited about this new direction for the company; “I come from a family of entrepreneurs, and I decided it was time to give Winston a chance to go out on his own.” He adds, “I’m convinced this little guy has what it takes to move Big Hot Dog to the next level.”
Marketing and PR Director Kelly Williams continues, “Well, with his birthday on July 22 – just one day before World Hot Dog Day on July 23 – it seemed to us that Fate was saying something. And far be it for us to ignore Fate, especially with Mercury in Retrograde and all that.”
Mr. Abbate (younger) will assume full control of the company as of Monday, July 21, 2014. His vision for the company includes “Hot Dogs For All” and “More Condiments.”
BIG HOT DOG is a real product that is sold online at Regularly priced at $169.95, Big Hot Dog Kits are currently on special for $95.95 (plus S&H). Each Big Hot Dog Kit includes: 1 x Big Hot Dog, 1 x Big Bun, 1 x Ketchup, 1 x Mustard, and 1 x Relish.
BIG HOT DOG has been featured on The History Channel’s “Modern Marvels: Supersized Foods,” and was named in 2013 by Guinness World Records as the LARGEST COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE HOTDOG: