BATSU! Is a Fresh Take On An Old-Town Favorite

By: Stacey Crawley

Highly Recommended

Even with its impressive theatre shows, world-renowned museums and restaurants, Chicago has always been, at its core, an improv town.  Maybe you’ve been to Second City or Improv Olympic, or perhaps you’ve attended your roomies’ free show even though it wasn’t exactly Shakespeare. All in all, you feel that you’ve experienced all of the sights and sounds that the improv world has to offer. But you’d be wrong. Read more

Goodman Gives Us A Well Balanced ‘KING OF THE YEES’

Reviewed by: Stacey L. Cowley

Highly Recommended

King of the Yees, now playing at the Goodman Theatre through April 30th, tells the story of Lauren Yee’s struggle to navigate her new life while remaining loyal to the rich cultural heritage of her past. Her father Larry Yee (an outstanding Francis Jue) is not only as traditional as they come, but remains the head of Yee Fung Toy family association in San Francisco.  Read more


Reviewed by: Stacey Crawley

Highly Recommended

Blue Man Group is a visual ride of neon colors with dynamic music that fills the theatre in a unique combination of communication and comedic physicality, sans dialogue. The performance art satisfies on several levels – it’s funny, interactive, musical, and appeals to a wide audience. It’s safe to say that no matter who you are, you’ll enjoy the trip that the blue men take you on. There’s an energy in the room unlike that of a traditional theatre – one of joy and wonderment from a sea of smiling faces, much like those in old movie clips when the circus came to town. Read more

GayCo Productions CNTRL + ALT-RIGHT + DELETE Speaks Truth With Spunk

Reviewed By: Stacey L. Crawley

Highly Recommended

Getting out of the house on a frigid February night in Chicago can be difficult – taking on Old Man Winter in his glacial prime. Whatever you decide to do, it better be worth it because your cozy pajamas and Netflix list are waiting in the wings. Might I suggest a night of hilarity and political clarity with CNTRL + ALT-RIGHT + DELETE, a new sketch comedy revue from GayCo Productions. Read more

Goodman’s “A Christmas Carol” – A Night of Holiday Delights

Highly Recommended

Reviewed By: Stacey L. Crawley

The Goodman’s 39th annual production of A Christmas Carol has done it again! Chicago Favorite Larry Yando returns for the ninth time as the grumpy, petulant miser Ebenezer Scrooge in this fantastic take on an old classic. Heidi Sue McMath’s lavish costumes and Todd Rosenthal’s intricate set design were the perfect backdrop to this beloved Christmas tale. Throughout the show the stage comes alive with swirls of movement (choreographed by Tommy Rapley) and holiday spirit.  Read more

“STOMP” Rages On

Reviewed By: Stacey L . Crawley

Highly Recommended

“Stomp”, the phenomenal sensation created by Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas, is a testament to what can be achieved when working together. Using unconventional “instruments,” and I mean everything, including the kitchen sink; “Stomp” is a heart-pounding journey of human expression, something I believe every audience needs right now. The set, adorned with street signs, garbage bins, pots, pans, and plastic barrels that doubled as drums, looks like an intense piece of art. Waiting eagerly in my seat, I peered out at the eclectic audience of different cultures, races and ages, and could see that they were just as excited for something spectacular. Read more

Gloria Steinem Will Give KeyNote at Personal Pac’s 2016 Awards Luncheon

The Need To Be An Informed Voter

By Stacey Crawley

Imagine that you are a young couple living in the Midwest. You earn just enough money to make ends meet, while taking care of your mother-in-law and son. You both work long, hard hours and your life is decent – for now. It’s the middle of March, the weather cold and gray. Your wife, starting to feel queasy on a regular basis, realizes that she might be pregnant. Although she loves her son and having a family, she knows that taking care of another child would be impossible. They barely make rent, the cost of medications for her son’s asthma are skyrocketing, and her boss warned her twice this week about not taking any more time off.

Read more

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